Love Your Husband Tuesday

I didn't post last week and you can go ahead and picture me tucking my tail between my legs because it was not a successful for me as far as loving my husband went. Nothing bad happened, no fights, nothing like that; I just don't feel as if I was up to par with going the extra mile.

This last week I had to make up for my lack of extra effort, so when I got to leave work early on Friday, I did not go to Starbucks (YUM), I did not go get a pedi (in serious need, ya'll), I did not go see a friend who just had a baby (holding a new born is pure joy, no?). Instead, I went home and cut the grass. Now, this may not seem like much to some, but you need to understand that before we got married, I had never cut the grass or so much as touched a lawn mower before. I mean, that's what boys were for, right?

So imagine my surprise/shock/terror when Jason tells me that I need to cut the grass pretty soon after we were married. I stood there looking at him waiting for him to say, "Just kidding, babe. I hired the kid down the street to do it." When that didn't happen, I sucked it up and realized it never would and cut the grass. And, I've been cutting it once a week all summer for the last 3 years.

Back to this past Friday. I got off early, headed home, and cut the grass. And seeded the side of our yard that doesn't have grass yet. And weeded the flower garden. And watered that grass seed so it would actually grow. And, once there are some tiny little grasses, ya'll will get to see, so stick around!



Lauren said...

great job mowing the yard! it's not my favorite job either... but I know Jason must really appreciate it!! :)

Katie said...

wow, so chalk that up to something you don't think to talk about in premarital counseling. lol I think my hubby would like it if I worked out in the yard more. I think I need to do that.