Bull Fighting

"It doesn’t take much to buy a ticket to go in and watch the bullfight. But it takes a whole lot to jump into the ring and fight the bull." 

This is the quote in my Monday Morning Motivation email from Corporate. It doesn't mention anything about buying the ticket, but just when the fight is supposed to start, you  I go into the bathroom because you I just can't watch. 

That's what I did yesterday with Mother's day. My sister and I took my mom out to brunch and a movie for Mother's day and had a great time. Since we were going to brunch, I couldn't didn't want to go to church. After the movie was over, I was supposed to go home and wait for Jason to get home from having lunch with his mom and then we were supposed to go to Awana, the children's ministry at our church. I couldn't. I wouldn't. I was scared. I was stressed. 

I didn't want to be around when everyone was saying the obligatory "Happy Mother's Day!" to everyone but me. Childish? Yes. Fighting the Bull? Of course not. Safe? Definitely. Wrong? I don't know. 

Judge if you must, but I did what I had to do to get through my most unfavorite day of the year. This year anyway. 

So, what is your bull? Did you buy your ticket? Are you in the bathroom with me? Or, are you strong and courageous in the ring with the bull showing him who's boss? Are you standing in the middle with you hands on your hips egging him on just so you can see just how awesome you are? 

Most days, I'm in the ring fighting. Just not yesterday. 



Lauren said...

I know how you feel. Mother's Day can be a toughie... praying for you!!!

(I've skipped church in past years too... nothing wrong with that!)

Hurdles of Life said...


Mrs.PinkPearls said...

((HUGS)) Boy do I know how you feel. I had my moments yesterday. I was in the bathroom yet egging him on. Make sense? It was a tough day. One day we will be out there showing him how awesome we are!