Bull Fighting

I bought my ticket. But this time, I marched right down to the ring with my red cape and tight pants (YIKES) and looked the bull in the eye with my hands on my hips.

We got placed with two beautiful little girls this evening. Jason is an amazing daddy playing hide and go seek, doing story time, and giving rides on his lap through the house.

More tomorrow as I'm exhausted.



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Congrats on the new placement! Keep us updated!

Lauren said...

congratulations on being a mommy!!!! I know you are completely overwhelmed and your head is spinning just trying to grasp all that's happened in such short notice ... I remember those feelings like it was yesterday! I'll be praying for you guys!!! If we were closer I'd be bringing you toys and meals ... instead I'll pray that others do and that you will have PEACE!!! :) SOOO wonderful!