Jason and I have been working like mad on the outside of our house. You may remember this post where I put pictures of what the house looked like when we bought it 3 years ago.

Look at it now! 

I have been helping where I can but the hubs has some amazing friends who have helped with the work, and he has also hired some great people, too. Don't worry, that ugly old shed in the back is being torn down in a few weeks to make room for our his brand new ginormous shed that will actually hold all our crap yard tools and the two driver's seats to the vans he drives. Those pics will come soon. For now, enjoy the slideshow. 



Hurdles of Life said...

awesome job!! love the fence and retaining wall!!

Lauren said...

wow -- that looks soooo good!!! : )

Mrs.PinkPearls said...

Love it! Great job!