While Waiting

What does one do while one waits, you ask? (You may not have asked, but then I don’t twist your arm to read this blog, now do I?)

One plays in the dirt. These are some of the first photos I took of our house right after we bought it three years ago. The For Sale sign still in the font yard, we were so excited. Not even married yet and buying our first house. What were we thinking? A lot has changed since then, however I can't find my camera to prove it to you, but once I do, there will photos galore of all the improvements. You won't even recognize it!

One trains for a triathlon with her younger, much skinnier sister. Yes, I started smoking crack on Sunday while at brunch with my family. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but hopefully as B gives me workouts to do, I’ll be able to post them here. By the way, here is my sister as she prepared to complete the swim leg of a short triathlon 2 years ago in the Rappahannock river.

Welcome to the gun show!

And, this is me on the right. B and I look nothing alike and there were even rumors she looked like the mailman at one point while growing up, because she really didn't look like either one of our parents, either.

One also spends as much time with the hubs as possible, knowing full well that any day now our alone time could get a lot smaller with little notice.

One washes and puts away baby/small child clothes. If we ever do get a placement, I want to be as ready as possible, so I’ve gotten together pajamas in all sizes and for both boy and girl. I am now washing them to make sure they are ready for any child to wear them.

One also tries to find the camera so I can give you a better glimpse into our lives and what we like to do. Until then, what do you want to know about me? Any burning questions you must know the answer to? No question too small or too big, I'll try to answer them as best I can. Leave your comments now!



Hurdles of Life said...

you're right.. you keep yourself busy!!

Penny said...

I really like your blog! You are so much prepared than we were! We had the crib and car seat because we had no idea what child(ren) would be placed. Word of advice - don't go all out buying things until the child arrives. I have a closet full of 18mo girl clothes for a child that didn't arrive. Our first placement was an 8-mo-old baby boy that we adopted last year!!!