A very dear friend took me to Target last night to help me finish my registry. After a bottle of wine no less, so I really should go online today just to double check what we scanned.

I considered registering for breast pads.

Just to see what people would say.


Hurdles of Life said...

There are meds that you could take to make it so you could BF. But if you registered for the pads, then you might want to register for the bras and pump. LOL!!

Kate said...

I know about the meds/hormones, but in a fostering situation? A little far-fetched, dontcha think?
The pump was highly favorable last night as well just as the rest of the wine aisle. ;)

Lolo said...

LOL! I would totally register for some nipple cream, just to get the reaction. :)

Hurdles of Life said...

Kate, I lived in Roanoake for that summer.. it was really nice.