PRIDE Training Week 3

This week's PRIDE training class was all about attachment and how abuse (neglect, physical, sexual, and psychological) can affect attachment both with the birthparents and with the foster parents. The discussion really opened my eyes to why foster kids behave the way they do sometimes and also why they can't be disciplined in the same way as biological children. More on that later though as our next class is focused on appropriate discipline.

We also received a checklist of all the paperwork that needs to be completed before we finish our classes:
  • Application
  • Sworn Statement for Foster Parents and
  • National Background Check
  • Central Registry Check
  • Medical Exam
  • TB Screening for all household memebers
  • DMV Driving Record (ordered)
  • 3 References (mailed)
  • Financial Statement and W-2s
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Fire/Safety Plan
  • PRIDE training for both parents
  • Signed Corporal Punishment Statement
  • Signed Statement of Confidentiality
  • Foster Parent Rights and Responsibilities
  • Foster Parent Handbook
  • Completed all PRIDE Connections homework
I will keep this list on the right side of my blog updating the list as things get completed so you can keep tabs on where we are in completing the paperwork.

In addition to all this paperwork, we will have three home visits that will complete the Home Study portion of our training. I am waiting on a call any day now to set up the first appointment.

PS Those of you have our reference paperwork, please do it fast and send it back. If not, I will hunt you down!

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