My First Shower Gift!

I know ya'll have been reading a lot, so this post is photos. Yay! Below you will see my first Shower gift from a dear friend from church who is not able to attend my shower due to a trip to visit with her husband who is stationed in Miami. Thank you so much, Dawn.
These next two photos are of the kid's room before it will be the kid's room. That pack and play you see was bought last Spring as we have friends who come over every week for games and needed somewhere to put their little girl to sleep. I just never put it away from Friday night.
This is Jason's old desk covered in junk as you can see. We bought him a new desk that will be moved into our bedroom as soon as this lazy girl gets her act together and puts it together.
Notice I did not show you the closet? Yeah, more stuff we need to either get rid of, or move into another room/closet to be stored. Jason is also getting a bigger shed for out back, so some of the stuff will be stored out there.

More pictures will come as we make adjustments and get ready for our first placement hopefully this Spring or Summer.

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Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

Yay!!!!!! Im so excited for you Kate!