What if God Used Sticky Notes?

My mom gave me the desk calendar pictured to the right for Christmas this year. The note for today goes like this:

Just because you don't see anything coming up doesn't mean there's nothing happening!


The Lord does not see as man sees. 1 Samuel 16:17

Wouldn't it be awesome if God really did use sticky notes? Talk about receiving a sign!

I personally love sticky notes. I use several different sizes at work depending on how long the note will be to a client or to my boss. Mostly my boss gets the big ones.

Jason and I have started using sticky notes to leave messages to each other. Love notes actually. So I guess they would be called Sticky Love Notes. Should I get a patent? Anyway, most of the time they are simple I love you's or even simpler, I <3>

The best thing about sticky notes is there isn't a lot of room on them so you don't really have to write a whole of stuff. You can get straight to the point of your note with only a few words or a simple phrase.

So, I challenge you to go out and buy a pack of sticky notes. (or swipe one or two from work. they can be reused) Come back here and tattle on where you left it, what you said, and if your spouse mentioned it. Remember that even if he doesn't mention that he got it, he appreciates it. Next week, I will post your notes and the results with your permission of course.


Heather Cara said...

I put a note in Jimmy's lunch EVERY day and have for 4 years now. He loves it. The third day I did it he realized and admitted to me that he had eaten them the first two days! We actually gave out little notebooks/pens for our wedding favors so everyone could write love notes to thier special someone :)

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

What a cute idea. We have a whole stack of post its. I will write a love letter and post it later!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE sticky notes!! We use them often too!

Heather Cara said...

Kate...I trust you 100%, you always have my permission!!