The Road Less Traveled

After our very first ever foster parent training class was canceled due to snow, I was feeling pretty down about the entire process. I guess having dinner with three, yes 3 pregnant women doesn't help, either, but a great friend of mine has offered to throw me a shower. I mean is there such a thing? What would you call it? The Yay, I'm a Foster Parent Shower? How about the I may not be getting a baby, but what the hell shower?

So, I trotted my ever so slowly shrinking ass on over to to check things out. The options were: Baby Registry, Club Wed, or Target List. I created a Target list since there is no guarantee that Jason and I will be receiving an infant. Although, if God took bribes this would be the area I would focus on. But that is a totally different post that is hopefully coming soon. I also registered at since they have a great selection of kids clothes and they are always running a sale, so I figured that my shower invitees could go there and get a great deal. Plus that means more for the K-bombs, right?

Then the question is: What do we register for? How do we prepare for children ages 0-5 years? And you think you have a lot on your plate. I started with twin bed sheets and crib sheets. That's as far as I got. I'm also thinking pajamas, socks, toothbrushes, children's medicine, diapers of every size, underwear, bottles, sippy cups, some bath toys maybe, baby blankets, onesies... The list could go on and on but you get the idea. Is there something you would definitely register for if you were my situation? By all means, leave a comment. Plus, I need to know people are still reading this stupid thing.

Needless to say, I am so excited about the upcoming shower festivities! And, the best part: no stupid games. No measuring my belly, no eating baby food (maybe I should register for some of that), no smelling a diaper, and no baby word games, either.

If I had my choice, we'd all have margaritas to celebrate my entrance into motherhood.


Hurdles of Life said...

I've been wondering the same thing.. so "no, you're not crazy". My husband won't let me buy anything until we start/finish our PRIDE training (basically he wants the CW to tell us when to start stocking up on items). We have a crib (that converts to a toddler & full size bed... right now its a full size bed). But I want to buy toys that are on sale and clothes. Old Navy has AWESOME deals!! Ughhh.. but alas I must abide by his wishes and wait.

Kate said...

By the looks of your blog, we are pushing through the mud at the same pace. Hopefully our classes will start this week (they are calling for more ice/snow this weekend) and we'll be one more step closer to the prize.

I will admit that the hubs has been VERY hesitant to buy anything until recently. He is excited that one of my kind friends has offered to throw me a shower and is getting pretty excited himself. We have started purging things in the house to make room for K-bombs.

If I were you, I'd email the CW and get her/him to say something in the next class for your Hubs' benefit! Sneaky, I know. Great, isn't it?

carter said...

I'm still reading this stupid thing!
Love you and love following your journey. And love how you said your 'ever so slowly shrinking ass.' Hilarious. Remember Elizabeth Thomason? My fave memory of her...we were shopping at TJ Maxx and there was a bin of underwear marked down because they were 'slightly imperfect.' She said..'that's ok, because my ass is slightly imperfect!' Loudly. It was awesome:)
If I were near your ass right now, I'd smack go, girl. 5 pounds!

carter said...

And by 'stupid thing,' I mean TOTALLY NOT STUPID, btw.

MrsBro... said...

You're going to be a Mom and every Mom deserves a shower! You'll have a wonderful time and there are a lot of things out there that can be used throughout the years..

Oh and margaritas to celebrate your entrance into Motherhood = A Must!

Hurdles of Life said...

Yah we pretty much are trudging through the muck & mud together. We only have a 14 hour PRIDE class (two full saturdays) but then have to have an additional 12 hours within the first 6 months (that'll be completed through monthly support groups). Our first class will be 2/13 and the second one is the following Saturday.

What is your schedule?

By the way.. I LOVE the sneak attack idea!! I may have to ummm.. use that one. My mom actually offered to buy us our car seat and a friend is going to get us a stroller (one of the small folding ones).... Like I said we have the conversion crib (my mom got us that during our IVF.. she was as hopeful as we were). And my car has built in booster seats. So really we just need bedding, clothes and toys.