You Better Belize It!

Someone was asking me about my time in Belize the other day, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to the year I spent teaching in Central America.

This is Melvin. I remember him distinctly because he was afraid to use the outhouses behind him by himself. So, out I trotted to the out house every time he needed to go so I could hold him up to do his business. *sigh*

Yes, there are Christmas lights in Belize! Not everywhere, though. This is one of only two houses in town that were decorated for the holidays. It must be known that the family who lives here is VERY wealthy.

These are some of my boys outside playing on one of the many breaks during the day. Children in the primary grades have two 15 minute breaks in the morning, one hour break for lunch, and one 15 minute break in the afternoon. The reasoning behind these breaks is the teachers believe this helps the students to pay attention and learn better.

These are some of the fishing boats tied to a short pier in Corozal Town, where I lived for the majority of my time there.

I hope you liked my short trip down memory lane.

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J said...

LOVE!!! Thank you for sharing this!