I just got the call that made my holidays a little brighter!

Just when I was getting a little depressed about not being a mommy around the holidays and no gifts for kids under our tree, the SW from DSS calls to see if we have any questions from the informational meeting last week. My only question: When can we start?

Well, we will start on January 7th at our first home visit. Squee!
This visit will last approximately one to two hours. The SW will come to our house to make sure it is safe and that we have room for children in our home. We will also be going over any questions we may have at that point and what fostering will do to our lives and if we're ready for that. (Duh, just give us kids, lady!)
I know the holidays will fly by and it will be the 7th of January in no time, but right now, it seems like a million light years away to me. I know once we have a placement, all this waiting and stressing will seem like it never happened, but it's funny how the right here and now can make or break your day.


Shanny said...

Come on Jan. 7th! GL =)

Heather Cara said...

You are going to knock that SW's socks off on the 7th!! So exciting.