The past 36 hours

have been a whirlwind of emotions to say the least. DH and I just got home from our first appointment with an RE. But, I guess I should back up a few hours to yesterday around lunchtime. I received a call from the doctor's office reminding me of the appointment; like I could forget! Anyway, she couldn't give me the results of the SA over the phone because she is not a nurse, so I called back and spoke with a nurse. At first she just said that it was abnormal. Then, she said there was nothing useable. So I politely as I could got off the phone with her and cried. I explained to my boss what was going on, and he let me leave for the rest of the day. I went home and tried to figure out how to tell my wonderful DH that his sperm was actually nothing useable, instead of "Mighty Swimmers".

Fastforward to today

Our first appointment with the RE went rather well. As it turns out, there were no sperm in the ejaculate. I think we should get our money back for the SA since there were no sperm to analyze, but whatever.

Game Plan

We have only 2 options left to us at this point. DH is going to schedule a testicular biopsy as soon as possible to see if there are sperm in his testes. If there are, they will extract the sperm and freeze for use with IVF and ICSI. If there are no sperm in his testes, we will begin our journey into adoption.

I told DH that if he doesn't want to go through with the biopsy, we can skip it and go straight to adoption. (I know it will be a huge blow to his ego if he is unable to father a child) He got all teary and said he wants to have a child as beautiful as me. He always knows just what to say.


What can I/we be praying for, you might be asking yourself. Just pray for DH and myself; that we have patience and understanding through this process and that it only grows us closer together as a couple.

~Kate ~


Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

Oh Kate. This made me cry. I am so sorry you guys are going through this. I really hope that they can find some usable spermies. I am here for you and please dont forget that. If you need anything Im here to talk. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

Katy said...

What a journey you guys have before you! One that will not only strengthen you as a couple but also as individuals. God will surely give you the strength, courage and grace to get through this. Praying for ya'll daily!

Anonymous said...

Praying ALWAYS for you and J! Theres got to be some usable spremies!!!!