I'm Not Ready to Ovulate

Dear Body,

Please don't ovulate yet. We aren't ready. J probably has a UTI so he wasn't capable of having sex last night when we got home from S&J's house. Instead he had a bowel accident right when we got home. Luckily He and I hurried so there wasn't a lot to clean up at 11 last night, but still had to do his whole bowel program and then take a shower to make sure he was really clean.

So, this whole thing with not having sex last night totally threw our plan off wack and now with this high temp, we may not have a chance at all this cycle. I'm hoping this temp is due to the fact that it wasn't taken until 9am and I had been somewhat awake for a little bit. Please let it be a fluke or something!


On Another Note,

We are getting so excited for our trip to Maine and New York City! (Yeah, remember that comercial for Pace salsa? Get a rope!) Anyway, J made reservations for the hotel we're staying in. He is so awesome! I have to tell you that most of the time, J is a tight-ass. (I love you baby, but you are) He knows this and is trying hard to not be. Well, instead of saving boo-coos of money and staying in Jersey, we are staying right in downtown Manhatten where all the action is! Plus we picked up a new camera to take on our trip. Mine was getting old and it is really big a bulky as well. It's for taking more professional shots than just shooting fun pics. I've already opened up the camera to see how it works, and I think J may even be able to take some pics with it!

I was so impressed with Kit's weight loss achievements that I decided I wanted to check out the Wii Fit for myself. Seeing as how the price has gone down more that fifty bucks, I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I need something to help me work out and tell me that I'm great or that I'm not doing great and I can work harder. I was so excited opening all the packaging and setting it up with our Wii system and then it told me I am obese. Not so excited anymore, but hey! That's what I bought this thing for in the first place. So, you will now (hopefully) get weekly updates to my quest for weightloss and fitness on this here blog. I am going to make J take some before pics (yikes) later on today so I will post those at some point.
Have a wonderful day!

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