A New Game Plan!

Sometimes you have to change the rules in order to win the game of getting KTFU. J and I have been talking and after a HUGE dissapointment last cycle, we have decided the following:

1. If by the end of September, prob one more cycle after this one, we are not KU, he will get an SA done.

2. I will not POAS until at least 17 DPO and no AF. My LP is between 13 and 15 days, so that should cover all the bases. (I don't even have any HPTs in the house; I'd have to go buy one!)

3. I will continue to temp only to confirm O. After O has been confirmed by three higher temps, I will put the BBT in my drawer and not temp again until after AF is through, or until I get a BFP.

4. I am going to try to lose some weight. When I met with my new OB back in April, she never mentioned my weight as an issue, or that she was concerned at all. In fact she didn't mention my weight ever, however as I was looking at myself sitting on the edge of my bed last night after my shower, I was disgusted with myself and angry at how I've let myself go since meeting, dating, and marrying J. I have gained 40 lbs and 3 dress sizes since I met him. Ugh! So, I think I am going to buy the Wii Fit so I have a personal trainer, someone to kick my ass!

5. I haven't fully decided on this one yet, but I may cave and try the pineapple core thing right after O. I'd much rather have it like this, but I'll do whatever it takes to get rid of the vacant sign hanging on my ute!
Well, let's hope these minor changes will improve our chances of conceiving, but if anything I'm hoping they will improve my stress level and help me to relax a little bit.

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Anonymous said...

Good plan! Im always, always here for you! PS...did you ever get my pm of my email address. Then we can keep in contact better?