Itchy Sheets plus Benedryl

Not a good combo if you ask me.

New sheets that have been washed and I can't sleep on Friday night cause they are itching me to death. SO, I wake DH up to let him know I'm going to sleep in the guest room. Well, 2 nights later, I haven't had time to change the sheets and I'm still sleeping in the guest room.

So, this morning, I wake up to J calling for me from our bedroom. I'm so out of it, thanks to the Benedryl that I think it's in the wee hours of the morning and he's calling for me because something is wrong. Neeless to say, I don't temp. Idiot. I've been testing all weekend and getting BFN's even though I don't really have that many signs that AF is on her way.

I'm not going to POAS. I'm not going to POAS. I'm not going to POAS. That's my mantra. Until this weekend if AF still hasn't shown her ugly face.


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