7DPO and I’m ready to POAS

I’m messed up, I know. I go through every day looking at my chart like 20 bazillion times thinking every time I look at it, it will be different; but no, it’s the same as when I last looked at it 10 minutes ago.

I guess the only real PG symptom I have right now is “skin break out”. That’s the option on FF when in reality; it should have a button called, “holy ginormous zit, batman!” Yeah, I have 4 right now. Twins on my chin, one on my nose and another on my cheek. I just hope DH still wants to lay next to me at night. *sighs*

I have vowed to wait until Sunday to POAS with my BFPB, Jshay. She and I are cycle buddies this cycle, which would rock if we both got KTFU at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Im really intrigued by your journey. I really admire you! I want nothing but the best for you and your hubbs!


Sawyer Blume said...

GL to you!


jshay778 said...

Awww your like my e-BFF. Seriously. You are so great. I am praying my butt of that this is our cycle!