CD 3

After a weekend at the lake with some friends from church plus others I had never met, DH is asleep. Mind you it's 7pm. So, here I sit blogging, catching up on GPer's weekend posts and watching "The Breakup".

I never knew that TTC would be such a roller coaster of emotions and stress. Not to mention the money spent on OPKs, HPTs (that were a waste as you can see), BBT's and ... I can't think of any more abbreviations to slip in there. Don't get me wrong, money well spent, believe me.

Most girls would take a temping break at the frustration level, however because DH has a SCI and has a hard time with ejaculation and his blood pressure, we have to be spot on with our timing. So, I continue to temp, pee on OPKs at work, and pray. I will say that at least we know what works so we can arm ourselves when the time is right:

  • 20 mico-cc's of injectible medicine=hard penis!

  • BJ+hand job= 2 minutes or less until ejaculation

  • cup+syringe= sperm right at my cervix

And, through all this, I have to keep my eye on DH to make sure his blood pressure doesn't go through the roof. Here's to getting knocked up this month!



BabyFeverBlog said...

I hear you on how frustrating and stressful TTC can be! GL this cycle!

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

Ah it can be stressful. I give you major props (lol) for sticking with it all and for going all out. I think your time is coming. My fingers are always crossed for you!!!

Katy said...

VERY frustrating! You are truly amazing and handle this all with such grace!
Praying for you!