To Love Their Husbands

Lauren over at Living By Faith has decided to host To Love Their Husbands every Tuesday.

Keep checking back here every Tuesday to see how I try to go above and beyond loving my husband for the sake of making our marriage the very best it can be.

I'd like to challenge you to love your husbands as well; to go above and beyond what he expects for you. Feel free to grab the button for your own blog, or you can always leave a comment here. So, how will you go above and beyond for your hubs? Remember my post about this? What does he enjoy doing that you maybe don't think is that much fun?

Can't wait to see how you love your husband this week!


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Lauren said...

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for getting the word out! I'm so excited that you're going to participate! :)

Also want to add that I am thrilled you and Jason are going forward with foster care! We had such a fantastic (though emotional tough) experience as foster parents!:) We plan to do it again after we get Tucker settled at home. I'll be praying for you guys!