I've Got Homework Already!

See this book? That's 3 inches of stuff I'm going to learn in the next nine weeks. Daunting isn't it?

Our first class went very well with introductions all around the room. J and I are 1 of the 2 couples who are going into this fostering thing without any children of our own. There are a few families who are taking these classes in order to foster a family member. We also watched a video of a (perfect) foster family where there were two children in the home. One teenager and one child probably around 6 or 7 years old. At one point, the mom is telling the younger son that its time for dinner and he turns around and says he's not hungry, "bitch". I had my back turned to J, but I could feel his eyes get huge and bulge out of his head. Mom did exactly was she should have done and addressed the real issue at hand, not the fact that he called her a bitch. I can only hope I have that same level of patience. Ya'll start praying now, cause I'll need it!
I wasn't expecting a foster mom to be in on the training, but it was nice to hear the story of her family; they have 4 kids and are into the adoption phaze with 2 of them right now.
One thing that struck me was that we could possibly have a child/children for a long time and then they could go back to their birthparents. And, by long time, I mean at least a year. I didn't count on loosing children once they were placed with us. I mean, we're doing the foster/adopt thing, so that doesn't pertain to us, right? WRONG! There's a reason foster comes first in foster/adopt.
And what's up with the homework idea? I haven't had homework for 10 years now. Since I was in college. The only good thing about the homework is that we each have to do it and turn it in . J can't cheat off mine. HA!


Jennifer said...

You guys will do great. Just remember throughout this entire process that God is leading the ship. He's got you on this path for a reason. Keep that foremost in your minds whenever you feel frustrated or worried. He'll take care of it all and you both will be blessed with a child. A child that you both will be wonderful parents to. You have it in you, you can do this, and you're going to be amazing!!!! XOXO

Hurdles of Life said...

Kate, you'll do fine in the situation. A friend of my mom's (my parents are FP's to pre-teen/teenage boys and her friend's are FP's to infant to 10 yr olds).. had a 5 yr old who everytime he was told "No".. he either pooped his pants or dropped his drawers and peed on the floor. She called my mom in a panic.. "What do I do?" What is your instinct? Remember, that "Natural Consquences" are common place and expected. My mom answered "Make him clean it. For the poopy pants make him wash them in the toilet with some dishsoap -- just like you do with a cloth diaper. And for the pee on the floor.. give him a scrub brush to clean it." Guess what.. 5 times of "Natural Consquences" resulted in not more "Potty Problems".


Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

You both are going to do great! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to follow your journey. You guys are doing such a good thing.

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

P.S. I nominated you for a blog award on my page. You'll like it. :)