Satan Sucks

I really don't like giving this guy credit. I feel like if I even acknowledge that he is doing something in my life is to give him credit, so I tend to not even think about him. Although, if he is trying to do things in my life, that means God thinks whatever I'm trying to accomplish is awesome!

We have our first home meeting with a social worker from the Department of Social Services coming to the house on Thursday after work. I know she won't bring a white glove with her to check out how clean my house is, but I really would like it to be presentable, you know?

Issue #1: After changing out and cleaning the Roomba over the weekend, it's not working. Now aside from J, the Roomba has been my best friend for the last 2 and half years. It never lets me down, is always ready go when I need something, and best of all it vacuums the house while I'm at work! Jealous?

Issue #2: While making dinner for tonight, the garbage disposal clogged and I don't know the first thing about unclogging them.

So, I have dirty floors and a green smelly water sitting in my kitchen sink. Nice!

Please enjoy this video I found on Youtube of a cat riding on a Roomba. Hilarious!

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J said...

Ooooooh yay!!! I'm so excited for you for tomorrow!! I'm anxiously awaiting updates already. :D