McFatty to McSkinny- the journey begins

I know you think this blog is all about J and I becoming parents, but you have no idea what you're in for.

Another blogging mom, Blair, has started a campaign for 2010 to lose weight. For her, its baby weight that has yet to fall off. For me, its marriage weight, being a wife to someone with a dissability (don't hate), finding out I can't get knocked up the old fashioned way, and just plain ole' I like to eat weight.

So, every Monday I will have a McFatty Monday post where you will be updated as to my progress, goals I may have for that week, and maybe a recipe I found that was easy and delish.

My goal for this year is to lose, wait for it..............70 lbs! I know this will be hard and will take some major work on my part, but I think I'm up for the challenge as long as I don't make too many lifestyle changes at once. Like, this week I'm focusing on keeping to a schedule. I have mapped out our meals this week based on when we will be eating at home and what's in our fridge. I'm also trying to save money by couponing and not buying a bunch of groceries that we don't need. This week, I am using food that is already in the house except for the fruits and veggies, of course.

Another goal for this week is to drink more water; not necessarily the 8 cups each day, but at least more than I was drinking. And, lets not forget leaving out the soda which I have done since New Years, so 4 whole days. Yay me!

How will you do it, you ask? WW my dear. I'm not paying for it, though. I cheat and use free online resources I have googled. There are a gazillion websites overflowing with WW recipes, tips, tricks, etc. that will need to be shared, however that is for another edition of McFatty Monday.

Here's to a loosing 2010!


J said...

You can do it!! That's TOTALLY attainable! I'm here cheering for you, my beautiful Kate!

Karina Vader said...

Good luck!!!