McFatty Monday (on Tuesday)- Week 3

Even though I celebrated my birthday in week 2, it was not a total loss! I kept to my goals and feel like it was a success even though I lost no weight. I ramped up my water intake (and peed like every 10 minutes), I kept us to our pre-planned menue for the week, and I even made sure to monitor the amount of food we are eating when we go out. So, Week 2= Success!

On to Week 3

Hurdles this week:

(another)Birthday dinner out on Wednesday for Japanese food. I will have to search the interwebs for WW points values to at least try to stay on track.

Friday we are ordering pizza with friends. Now pizza is one of those things that I can just eat a lot of. No matter what. I know that one slice of The Works from Papa Johns will cost me 7 points. But if I only get a slice of cheese, it will only cost me 6 points. But, pizza is so damn good! I will suffer through for the cause.

Goals this week:

Stick to my WW points for the week No. Matter. What!

Keep drinking the water. I took ya'lls advice and got some Crystal Light packets for work, and let me tell you they rock my world! I have a big water bottle for the afternoon, so I take one of those packets and dump it in there. My water is gone before I even leave to go home in the evening. Thanks for the suggestions!

Workout? Nah. I've got to save something for next week.

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Lolo said...

Yay! Glad the Crystal Light is helping. Keep up the great work!
& p.s. You have an award from me on my blog :)