Haitian Relief at Our House?

I think I've lost my mind. Or God has lost His.

A really good friend of mine called this morning to let me know she had learned that Catholic Charities here in Richmond is looking for homes for Haitian children who have been displaced by the horrible earth quake 8 days ago. Now, I'm hearing this information third hand, but it comes from reliable sources. I know there were some 53 children whose orphanage collapsed in the quake that were brought to PA a few days ago, but these children have already been matched with adoptive families and were only waiting on the legal crap to be handled at the time of the earth quake. There were only 7 children who had not been matched with an American family on that plane.

But, there is a rescue operation in the works that could potentially bring hundreds or thousands of displaced Haitian children here to the US. You can read the article from the Miami Herald here and one from the China Daily here. "Operation Pierre Pan" is set in motion but may take weeks in implement making sure that children are really orphaned and there isn't a relative in Haiti that would take them.

I've already sent J an email at work asking what he thought of possibly taking in some refugee children if the opportunity presented itself. I know I'm probably jumping the gun on this one, but it's better to already have it in my brain that it's a possibility. Plus, it will give J and I time to pray on it and talk everything out, and do research.

So, here's when I ask you for a favor. Please pray with J and I as we consider adopting from Haiti if the government does what it says its going to do. Pray for clarity and discernment in our decision making. Pray, too that if this is what God wants us to do, He uses a large neon sign to let us know.


mtendere said...

I'll pray for you both. What a wonderful gift it would be if God decided to use you in that way.

Lolo said...

I'm thinking of you & J, and all those Haitian children who need homes. You guys would be such a blessing to any of those children.. and the other away around too. :)