Dream Master

Usually, I don't think my dreams mean anything, but really?

In the last two weeks or so, I've come across not one, but three possibilities of birthmoms and my subconcious is seriously going to town with the notion.

The first:
It was a quiet night post Turkey Day and mother-in-law and I were laying on our respective couches watching TV when I get a text, yes text message, telling me of some birthparents who are looking for a "loving couple" to adopt their baby. Long story short, it was actually an ad in a free paper for a "loving couple" who is looking to adopt a baby. Text-message FAIL. But, I can't tell you how fast my ass shot up off that couch. It really got my heart going.

The second:
J and I have just hired a new personal attendant to come to our house in the mornings to help him get ready for work. In our searching, we interveiwed a nice young lady who, in our conversations about the job said that she herself was adopted by her foster mother when she was 5. When she inquired what age we wanted to foster, she told us of a friend of hers who was considering an adoption plan for her unborn baby because she already has 6 children that she can hardly take care of.
It was all I could do to stay in my seat and not tackle her for more information.

The third:
I am part of an adoption message board online. Today I saw a post from a girl that lives outside of DC and is considering an adoption plan for her baby in one of the threads I was reading. I have always been curious about how a birthmother chooses the agency or attorney she will use to make an adoption plan for their child, so I private-messaged this girl who lives near me and asked her. It would be interesting to hear her take on the agencies in our area.

So, I know these situations are not birthmoms asking us to parent their children, but it is nice to know that God is looking out for us and showing us that our baby could come from any number of places, even the interwebs. The only side affect of this is my subconscious. Now, almost every night, I dream that we somehow get a brand new baby; whether one is dropped off on our doorstep, or someone just rings the bell and hands us an infant when we answer the door. I am seriously going crazy!

PS I had a talk with the texting friend and let her know that it is NOT ok to text me when she gets news of a possible birthmom for us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious about whether you ever talked to the young woman who was considering placing her baby for adoption. Did she give you any insights about how she was making her choice?