Cold Sores and Birth Control Pills

SO, never in a million years did I think that taking the Pill would lead to my getting knocked up. I mean, we're taught all our lives to take birth control so you DON'T get knocked by accident. Now, I have to take it for six weeks in order to schedule my retrieval and transfer before the lab closes for Christmas. So, right now I'm looking at my first pack of pills while married a married woman. It just doesn't work well with my body. I hate them. I'll go to the ends of the birth to have a baby, though, so nice to meet you, Pill. I'm Kate. Please play nice.

And, the cold sore. They suck in their own right. J has two. We aren't kissing, which is my favorite thing to do. Boo!
In other news, I'm so excited about IVF and the fact that we have the chance to become parents, I could pee in my pants. I lay awake at night, thinking about being pregnant, I dream about pregnant, I've already looked up what my due date would be if we get pregnant with the first round (early August). I've thought about how to place furniture in the nursery. It's. all. I. can. think. about.
So, I know these six weeks on the Pill will be the longest of my entire life. Here's praying for a successful IVF, and ezpecially for a quick 6 weeks on the Pill.


Ams8099 said...

I know exactly how you feel! I've not even had my consult yet (it's on Wednesday) and I am already thinking about names and how to tell people I'm KU.

I've got a great home remedy for cold sores. Take a match, one that has never been lit. Wet it down and put it on the cold sore for 10-15 seconds a few times a day. DH gets them all the time and it really helps the healing time. I also use it for canker sores and I can prevent them from opening if I catch it right away!

Shanny said...

Hope the pill plays nice, IVF sounds pretty exciting!

Anonymous said...

I do hope the pill goes ok for you. I hate the pill!! Sorry about the cold sores, Ive never had one, but my friend gets them ALL the time!

I would feel the same way, you do have a lot running through your head, and I wish you the best. You deserve for ALL your dreams to come true :)

Mrs. BZ said...

I haven't seen you in a while but am happy that you are going to go ahead and do the IVF procedure. I'm so happy for you and wish that you get a Christmas baby! GL and keep in touch. Mrs. BZ