A TTC Update

I know I haven't posted anything TTC related in a long time, but J and I have sort of been in a holding pattern while we gather money for IVF. So, here is where we stand now.

We bought a wheelchair accessible van about a month or so ago and J has had some work done to it to make a little prettier. Well, we just sold it and made $14,000 from the sale. So, we're on our way to getting all the money together. We have some in savings, but I doubt J would want to use all that up and not have a cushion should some kind of emergency arise. And, I agree with him.

Once we get all the money together, J will have the testicular biopsy where the doctor will "slice his balls open" and retrieve some tissue. A tech from the andrology lab will be in the room with the doc and J to examine the tissue so they can immediately take the tissue to be preserved for the upcoming ICSI procedure. Within the next month or so, I will be going on BCP to give my ovaries a break since they will be working over time the next cycle I have. I will also go in for an exam with the RE so he can make sure there is nothing wrong with my ute. Then, off we go!

Breakdown of the expenses we have already incured:

initial bloodwork pre-TTC: $800 (our insurance sucks and didn't cover it) most do!
pre-TTC OB appt: $40 copay
BBT, HPT's, OPK's: $50 OOP
SA for J: $100 OOP
Initial RE visit: $200 OOP
Initial visit with Urologist: $50 OOP (discuss the biopsy)
B/W for J: $100 OOP

Total: $1,340 OOP

Breakdown of the expenses we have yet to incure:

Procedure for J: $1500
Storing sperm: $90 every month (if we don't get KU on the first try, this amount acrues every month)
RE visits before starting IVF: $200 (not sure if we need any more of those, but I'll update as we go)
My ute exploration procedure (no clue)
Shared Risk IVF: $24,000
My meds each month to harvest the eggs (no clue)

Total $25,790 at least

It's daunting when you look at the numbers like that, but we'll get there somehow.


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