The Day God Saved His Life

This is probably what it looked like when DH ran off the road and into a barbed wire fence 7 years ago. We went to a wedding today out in another county about an hour from where we live. We drove by the road where DH had his accident. As we were coming home, he decided to take me by there. He showed me the gas station where "That was the last place I walked, babe". WOW Then, he took me down the road a little ways, telling me that he made it through the first curve, but showed me exactly where he ran off the road in the second curve. He hit the embankment and tumbled end over end into the barbed wire fence at the tree line to break his neck and his right hand.

OK, so his hand will heal obviously. His neck, not so much. A C5/C6 quadraplegic, he went through months of physical and ocupational therapies to be where he is today; my wonderful husband! Since his accident he has completed a bachelor's degree at one of the toughest non-ivy league schools on the east coast, bought a house, married me, and now he's trying to get me knocked up. Talk about determination! Even when there is no sperm in his ejaculate, he will go to all lengths to get those suckers outta there.

Even though it was difficult for me to see the actual place where he broke his neck, he has been out there several times since the accident. He told me it was the day God saved his life. Not sure I would have the same outlook as he does.



Katy said...

Wow. That is.. Leaving me speachless. God has BIG plans for you two!

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

Oh my gosh. I am speechless as well. He has such a great attitude!

Kim said...

I agree with Katy. God definitely has plans for the two of you. :)