First Entry

So, I figured I'd start a blog to record our journey into parenthood.

Today is Wednesday, June 17, 2009. Nothing really special about this day, it's just the one I picked to write the first entry.

CD 20
A +OPK is always a good sign no matter which way you turn the pee stick. However, this morning's temp left a little to be desired with a slight dip, but after some research of FF, I am put at ease with a large number of women who have charts like mine and ended up PG after all.
So, last night, I gave J the magic shot with a little more juice than normal and we still got nowhere fast. We have also been propping his head up on my husband pillow during sex to hopefully help his bloodpressure stay down, however after a no-go I took the pillow out from under his head, and Holly major erection, Batman!

Things will definitely be different tonight! More juice, and no pillow will hopefully result in ejaculation and insemination.

1 Minute

That's how long it took for ejaculation to take place. I caught most of the semen in a cup and then had to put it on my finger and then inside me. Now..... we wait.


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