A Full Summer

So, we found out we will have the girls at least through August 20th. That means a summer packed with things to do for little girls and their big brothers, too!

We've already met their brothers and foster parents at the park for an afternoon of play. They also came over to the house for dinner that evening, which was a nice end to a great time at the park.

We will see them again this weekend for some Put-Put and probably dinner following. Jason and I are taking the girls fishing at a local park with the Spinal Cord Injury Association of VA, so be on the lookout for pictures from that next week.

And, a funny from this morning:
S didn't want to watch cartoons this morning while I got dressed, so she followed me back to the bedroom and when I took off my sleep shirt, she announced to no one in particular, "Oh! You have boobies!" Just thought ya'll might want to know that I have boobies. In case you were wondering.



Hurdles of Life said...

Well, its good know that she knows what they are!! :)

QuackenBaby said...

LOL... that is funny!

mtendere said...

Sounds like a great summer in store for your family!