To Love Your Husband Tuesday

First, a confession: We took the girls to the park where there is a great playground on Saturday morning and for a picnic lunch. We got up bright and early and I made pancakes (Jason's fave) for everyone while making and packing lunch. When's the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly? Yeah, me either. Well, we headed over to the park and as soon as I we pulled into the parking lot, I realized I had made sandwiches for everyone but Jason. I know! How could that happen? Well, he didn't want PBJ, so I must have forgotten to make him the ham and cheese he requested. I felt so bad and kept apologizing over and over, but he never thought twice about it, said it was OK and before we left the playground to eat lunch, he went over to Sheetz to grab a bite. Poor guy; he suffered for the cause with chicken wings while the girls and I enjoyed our PBJs.

To say the least, the addition of two beautiful little girls in our lives has changed things and nothing really comes to mind that I did for my husband. That's sad, ya'll. I will say that I was doing my best with the girls and he told me one night after we had put them to bed that I was doing a really good job with them and he liked to see me with them, doing things for them.

I love my husband because of how much he stepped up to the plate when we were placed with the girls.
I love my husband because he calls me mom in emails.
I love my husband because he lets K climb up his chair and into his lap.
I love my husband because he doesn't let it get to him that S doesn't want to have anything to do with him.
I love to hear my husband read stories to the girls at night.
I love to watch my husband hold K in his lap and watch cartoons. (Our TV viewing has definitely changed and I'm afraid the DVR is going to fill up before the week is out!)
I love my husband because he didn't mind leaving the park to go to Sheetz to get lunch because his wife forgot to pack his.



Lauren said...

so sweet! I love your list at the end! :) A big part of loving your husband is being a good mommy to those precious girls!!! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Aww...sounds like you have a great husband. I love it!

Hurdles of Life said...