To Love Your Husband Tuesday

After Lauren put the challenge out there last week to go above and beyond to love my husband, I tried to come up with some ways to over-love him all week and make he knows he is my bread and butter. I came up with a few that I want to share with you!

First, I made sure that when ever I sent Jason and email at work, I signed with XOXO. Even if it was just to make sure he knew about something that was going on that night, I wanted him to know that I loved him. And, sometimes I even sent him an email just to him I love him.

Second, I sent him an evite for sex on Saturday morning. I know, scheduled intimacy? Boring, right? Well, having a spinal cord injury does not make for the most romantic life, but we do what we can to be spontaneous. Plus, this little understanding gave us both something to look forward to. So, come Saturday morning we slept in, had a romp in the sack, and then spent the whole day doing nothing in particular.

So, what did you do last week to make sure your husband knows you love him? Go over to Living By Faith and post a link to your blog post or simply leave a comment here.

For next week, I think I'll start another sticky note. (Cause I lost the other one we had going!)



SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

way to go this week! said a prayer for you that you're able to continue to express love to your hubby this week!

Lauren said...

great job!!! :) planned spontaneity is the best!!! ;)

Kelly said...

Fabulous job girl!!!

Traci Michele said...


Here's my post: