These wonderful girls came over Friday night to help decorate my house for Saturday's festivities.

This is the party planner extraordinaire!

M wanted to help tie the balloons together.
(The boys blew up the balloons for us with all their hot air)

We were up late working on the balloons that hung over the doorway.

Working on the kid's room:
It hadn't even been 10 minutes after I made up the bed when Cassie got up there to check things out!

See the yellow blanket on the end of the bed? MIL's friend made that for us. She made it bigger than a baby blanket so it would fit a twin bed.
See the colorful blanket on the recliner? That was mine when I was a baby. I can't believe my mom saved it! Obviously, that was my favorite gift.

More pictures from the actual shower to come once I get them from my friend's camera.


Anonymous said...

What great friends you have. Have a wonderful time at the shower. I look forward to pics!

Lolo said...

Can't wait to see pics from the shower and hear how it went Kate!
Ooo, and did you hear the horrible news? This is the last season of 24. boooooo :(