McFatty Monday

Last week went pretty well by my standards, I guess. J and I stood by our menu I'd made for the week except for one night when he came home and screamed, "Must have wings!" So, off to BW3's we went only to find it PACKED with football fans. Mexican never tasted so good!

My main struggle this week was drinking enough water. Not sure why I'm rebelling against it, especially when my lips are dry and flaky all the time. I mean, there's even a water bottle that sits on my desk all day long. And, yes it's got water in it people. The problem is that it remains full for most of the day. Any tips on getting the water in through out the day would be greatly appreciated!

Even though J and ate only from our menu, we ate way too much. I feel this is why we've both packed on the pounds since we've been married. But, Kate, you say. It's not entirely your fault. To which I reply: Um, yes it is! J can't fix his own food. I fix it all. So, yes it is my fault. I take full responsibility for making way too much food for two people to eat. And, how can I refuse the man when he asks for more? Knowing full well there is a lot more macaroni and cheese left in the pot to be eaten, I can't bat my eyelashes sweetly and tell him there isn't any more. He'll drive his chair right over to the stove to check out said pan.

So, my goals for this week are to not only follow our menu, but also make less and eat less. Also to drink water. 6 cups per day. I need to pee already.


Lolo said...

Hey Kate! That's my goal this week too, to drink more water. Something that might help is adding a Crystal Light package to your water every now and then to mix things up. Soup and fruit (like grapes) are another way to get more H2O. Also, they sell mini water jugs that hold the daily recommended amount. You can fill it up in the morning and make it your goal to finish it by the end of the day. Good luck!!!

Maddie said...

I 2nd the crystal light packets idea.. I honestly can't drink water without them! I need flavor!!! :D

You should check out sum cookbooks that give only the ingredients for 2 peeople or even and cut down the servings to say 3.

Good luck!!

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

I try to drink water as much as possible. I just can't stand it. I even went as far to get the faucet filter with the flavors...FAIL....the pitcher with flavor...FAIL...and I am not back to bottle water and still can't do it!!

Kate said...

MPP, I heart you!