McFatty Monday- Week 4

I lost a pound last week. Yay!

J and I stuck to the WW ritual of writing down everything we eat and only eating the allotted number of points in a given day for Monday through Thursday. I know, I know, if I don't follow the plan, how do I expect to loose any weight? Well, Friday was 24 night and also pizza night, then we went to DC for the day on Saturday and ate at Ikea. I mean, Ikea. You have to at least try the meatballs, right? No, my caesar salad with the dressing on the side was delish as a matter of fact. And, I even dipped my fork instead of pouring on the goodness. Sunday, we had all the best intentions of going home to eat leftover pizza for lunch, but got invited out with some friends. We didn't do too horribly bad, although I'm sure J's burger wasn't in the point range. Oh well; it's a new week so we get to start over fresh. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Goals for this week:

  • Stick to the point values for each day!

  • Try out a few new recipes (I will post them next week)

  • Continue to drink all my water every day

  • Only one margharita when I go for Mexican food with a friend on Thursday.

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