A Year in Review

J and I began this year with gustoe looking forward to building our family. We jumped each other as often as possible in the hopes that once, just once we'd get perfect timing and make a baby.

A few short months later, I would wake every morning and take my temperature to make sure we were hitting the mark with our romps in the sack. Due to health complications for J, we realize this is frustrating the shit out of us a few short months later and decide to have J's juice examined. I did actually have to take myself down to the lab one morning with the goods stuffed between my boobs for warmth. Not like this guy, though!
"No sperm" hmmm Wasn't exactly expecting to hear those words. Ever. After meeting with a urologist and giving a blood sample, it is determined that everything is working well and the surgeon should be able to get sperm from testicular tissue to use with an IVF/ICSI procedure. In October, J goes under the knife, well his balls go under the knife really and we all know where that landed us.
Two days later, I begin my research into adopting and everything it would mean for our family. We settle on foster/adopt through our county and look forward to starting the process right away in 2010.
So, J and I end this year with gustoe looking forward to building our family.

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J said...

You may be starting 2010 from a similar place, but you'll be ending it with success. I have all the faith in the world that this is coming for you.